We did it, we finally bought a travel trailer in July 2017. A 2006 Wildwood 31QBSS. We renovated it to suit our needs and likes, and are now planning our adventure. Since the last blog entry, we have done a lot. We ended up renting a home for a while longer, and doing so allowed... Continue Reading →


Be that river, be so persistent, and consistent. Create waves,  waves of change. You know that thing that has been nagging and gnawing at your creative space? Do it, be it; don't let it sit there and rot. Do what you need and have that burning desire to do. Let it wash over you and... Continue Reading →

Big plans

OLDER POST, REALIZED I NEVER POSTED (things have changed but better late than never, still want to go on my RV trip!): my husband and I have made plans to buy an RV in 2017 and just take to the road. We decided that we have come to a point in our lives where we... Continue Reading →

She’s here!

I just gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb 2 oz baby girl, Taylor Grace. To us, she is literally perfect.  She sleeps and she eats, that's it. We are extremely lucky so far that she isn't crying throughout the night AND that our son is sleeping through the night. I had a c section... Continue Reading →

7 months along

These days I'm 7 months pregnant and feeling uncomfortably large. It's hard to sit properly so I find myself always trying to lay down. I'm also not satisfied with food these days either. There's nothing I seem to want, except for Marino's cherry Italian ice and occasionally cereal and milk, mostly just to hold me... Continue Reading →

Back in LBI

I feel like I'm home when I'm here. It's not mine, it's not even close to being mine, but when I'm here there's just something that makes me feel like I'm home. My husband and I are starting to look for houses down here. We are selling our mountain condo in hopes of finding a... Continue Reading →

Beer bread!

Being pregnant has allowed my refrigerator to collect some beer of the fall variety. Instead of letting it go to waste I've decided to make a beer bread using a recipe my sister found and is definitely one of our favorites.  The beer I'll be using is Blue Moon's Harvest Moon. You can find the... Continue Reading →

Life, in general

So last weekend my husband got into a terrible snowboarding accident. He was just riding along the side of the trail (some fresh pow had accumulated there) and approached what he thought was a mogul that ended up being a huge drop into a pile of boulders. His hand/wrist took the brunt of the fall... Continue Reading →

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