Late night thought

Okay, so it's not that late, but for me it is. With the baby still waking up every two and a half (or less) hours, I just don't get the proper sleep I should so I try to get in bed as soon as I put him down to sleep for the night. I also... Continue Reading →



It goes without saying that the holidays are the best and worst times of the year. Out comes stress and panic but also joy and comfort. Sadly this year my parents and youngest sister are going to visit with my (middle) sister and her husband in the south. For the two weeks of Christmas and... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving/ December 1

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday! And it literally came and went just as quick as any other day. We celebrated with my family first then we went to LBI to celebrate with the in-laws. My favorite part of this holiday is the deep fried turkey, of which sadly there was none (more on... Continue Reading →

Oatmeal for breakfast

Today is a cold and foggy fall day. All I want to do is lay back in bed and cuddle with the warmest of blankets and my cutie little 5 month old. (can you believe he is already 5 months?!) To give myself a boost of energy this morning, since I know this day will... Continue Reading →

It’s October already?

I love fall! There is something so magical about the leaves changing in the fall in the Northeast. I can't believe how fast September has come and gone. I got to pick apples and enjoy Oktoberfest and the rodeo at Mountain Creek. Oktoberfest is always so much fun and this year was no different,  except... Continue Reading →

So long sweet summer

Labor day signifies the end of summer, and boy did this summer go by so fast. I can't believe my little munchkin is already 3 months old next Sunday! He's getting so big but I am so glad I've been able to spend every day watching him grow.  He is starting to teeth, so he's... Continue Reading →


Lucky for me my in laws rent a house in Long Beach Island. I'm spending the week here with my little cutie and my husband. I have been here for 3 days already and have been to the beach 1 day and for only 2 hours. For some this may be enough, but for me... Continue Reading →

1 month

I can't believe it but it has been a month since my water broke. It was around 7:10 pm on Friday. We called the doctor and went to the hospital. Unfortunately I had not progressed much more on my own so I had gotten an epidural and pitocin to help start and speed up the... Continue Reading →

DIY happy

So I am still waiting on my baby boy to arrive and in the mean time I have been what I call a crafting fool. I have gone to the local AC Moore, which is about 30 minutes from me and I have bought just about everything one could want to craft with. It started... Continue Reading →

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